One-sie way ticket – Scotland

I BOARDED the sparkling new £500,000 Megabus with a good night’s sleep in mind – hoping to feel fresh after my long trip.

The new nightly Megabus Gold service — costing travellers between £15 and £60 per journey — runs between Aberdeen and London, making stops at Dundee, Perth, and Cumbernauld.

My 42-bed coach left Aberdeen at 9pm.

The lower deck provided plenty of leg room in an area where I could relax and read a book before heading up to the bunks.

Megabus Gold

Unfortunately, the beds offered little in the way of privacy — they didn’t even have a curtain — but I suppose it put a stop to any cheeky customers going for a “bunk-up”, as it were.

And it took more than an hour for the free wi-fi to be strong enough to be picked up by my iPhone and laptop.

On the plus side, the bus operators provided a toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, snacks, tea, coffee and as much Irn-Bru as I could stomach. I was even given a fetching onesie to snooze in.

I climbed into bed around midnight, after a night cap and all in all I managed a fairly good sleep on my top bunk.


I woke twice during the night, once when the coach stopped for a driver change, then by the loud snoring of another traveller. But that’s not too bad — I’d get a far worse sleep on a flight.

We arrived in London at 8am the following morning, 45 minutes later than planned.

Fellow passenger, receptionist Sandra Stewart, 45, said she didn’t know the sleeper was available until she booked online. She added: “I didn’t get much sleep but at least you can relax and lie down. It’s fantastic value for money.”

A plane journey between the two cities takes just over an hour and a half though.

Easyjet have fares from around £33.


As for the train, East Coast will do the journey in seven hours for a price similar to Megabus if you book far enough in advance.

Although you could be looking at fares of above £140 if you leave it late.

And the duvet, pillow and blanket you get on the sleeper coach does make it a little more attractive.

It was certainly a better experience than the bolt-upright bone- rattler night bus I usually use to get home.

Source: The Sun