Q&A: Tyson Fury

Hi Tyson! How’s training going ahead of your fight with Dereck Chisora?

Training is going really well, I’ll be doing what I do best, which is win. I’ll be in better shape than ever before and they’ll be no excuses from me after the fight, not that I ever give any anyway. I’m a natural born fighter so it should be easy for me. I’m ready now, I wish the fight was today. My weight is on form and I’m breaking records in the gym.

Are you training any differently from when you first faced him?

Yeah I’m breaking personal bests and lifting heavier weights than ever before, don’t forget I’ve been in back-to-back training camps. I might not have been in the ring [because David Haye pulled out of the last fight] but I’ve been in the gym. I’ve done a hell of a lot of sparring and training.

Are you expecting a different Chisora from the one you faced last time?

I think he’s a worse fighter now than when we first fought because before he was twenty seven, in the prime of his life, undefeated and world ranked. Since then he’s gone on to lose four fights. His resistance has gone. I’ve never lost a fight, so I don’t know what it’s like to lose – he does. He’s settled to lose before and I haven’t. Physiology plays a big part in people’s lives and Chisora knows what it’s like to be beaten. He might talk a good fight, but I gave him a hell of a beating that night and I’ll beat him again.

Tyson Fury & Dereck Chisora
Fury refuses to speak at the presser

He wasn’t well prepared last time though…

People say he was out of shape and whatever but it wasn’t like he took the fight at short notice, he had three months to prepare. They put the weight on purposely so they could bully me around the ring, which obviously didn’t happen. If he’s lighter this time he’s going to sleep, if he’s heavier he can absorb more shots.

Do you think this will be an easier fight then?

I’m training like it’s going to be a war, but this will be easier than the last fight. This guy is standing in the way of me being a millionaire. He’s standing in the way of my family never wanting for anything ever again. This guy is taking bread out of my mouth. I’ll f*cking kill that c*nt in the ring if I have to, I’m serious. He’s not a fighting man, I am. I’m a fighting man who comes from a history of fighters, Chisora isn’t a fighting man. He’s had a few fights because there was no-one else.

Is there any animosity between you two?

To me this is business, he got beat fair and square last time so there shouldn’t be any animosity from his side of things. I’m giving him another pay day so he should be kissing my shoes really. Without me he’d be getting paid £50,000 somewhere in a bingo hall.

On Twitter you recently gave Chris Eubank a telling off for leaving Channel 5. What was that about?

As a young up and coming boxer you need to be on TV to become a star. Boxing on BoxNation is good and they pay tonnes of money, but it’s not good for young fighters. They don’t get much exposure and they’re not that active. People rarely see you; there are millions of people watching terrestrial TV which is why you need to be on it. People like Chris Eubank Jr need to be on TV, not boxing on a PPV channel when no one knows who you are.

People aren’t going to pay to watch Chris Eubank on a PPV channel because he’s not a star, which is why he’s mad a mistake leaving Mick Hennessy. There aren’t many people in Britain who don’t know who Tyson Fury is and that’s because I’ve been boxing on TV. You build sporting heroes on TV then they have a period of boxing on PPV TV, that’s how it’s done. You also need a rival.

Who’s your rival?

I did have David Price as a rival before he got knocked out and there’s a bit of unfinished business with me and David Haye. I’m not even going to go into that though because he wants to be a celebrity, a TV star, whatever. He doesn’t know what he wants. He could have been a really good fighter but he didn’t have the dedication. As a fighter, you’ve got to live like a Spartan, when you get a load of money and start buying nice things; it makes you soft, which is what’s happened to him. He’s a flash in the pan, he had the title for a bit, beat some bums and when he faced someone half decent he got beat [at the hands of Wladimir Klitschko].

What makes you think you can beat Klitschko?

Klitschko aint no killer, I’ll show everybody what I’m talking about when I fight him after this fight. He’s just an athletic guy who’s just in better shape than the people he faces. Let’s face it, the people he faces aren’t in good shape, he’s beating them because he’s a better athlete. He’s got the best of the best and he takes his job seriously so of course he’s going to win. He comes to the ring ripped to shreds and beats these bums because he’s the better athlete. That’s it.

Carl Froch vs George Groves II
Froch knocks out Groves

Thanks Tyson, finally, what did you make of Froch vs. Groves II?

I thought Froch was going to win and I don’t think it was controversial the first time either, as I thought Groves was one punch away from being knocked out. Most of the time the big fights don’t live up to the reputation and I don’t think the second one was as good as the first. When you have an unplanned fight which doesn’t go the way it’s meant to, that’s when it’s exciting. Groves had a game plan in the second fight and he didn’t take the risks he did in the first, now when you’re trying to take titles you need to take those risks. Good champions like Carl Froch aren’t going to give the titles up, he needed to take the fight to Froch more in the second fight and take the title off him – which he didn’t do.