Q&A: Steve Aoki

ELECTRIC dance music king, and fifth highest earning DJ in the world, Steve Aoki spends his time on the road performing on the biggest stages. Places like Las Vegas and his summer residency in Ibiza, where I caught up with him to chat about his other passion in life – cars

What do you drive?

I have a few cars at the moment. I’ve a custom car that I’ve spent, like, six months making it the ultimate DJ mobile. There’s one seat in it because the other seat has literally a mixer and speakers all over it. You open the boot and there’s a smoke machine and stuff so you can literally pull over anywhere and throw a party.


What’s your everyday car?

I’ve also got an Audi A8 W12, it’s a cruiser for when I’m travelling between LA and Las Vegas. I’m actually getting rid of that though and getting a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon instead because I need a good utility van. My dad had a car like that when I grew up so I want one too.

What was your first motor?

A Ford Bronco. It was a lease and then I got a Rodeo which my brother found in a police auction, it lasted me like, seven years.

Ford Bronco

Do you have any points on your licence?

I did have but I’ve got a clean record now. I know when to speed and I know when to take it easy.

Did you pass your test first time?


Can you ever see yourself in a driver-less car?

When are they going to be around? I’ll be the first one to test those out. I love what Elon Musk is doing with Tesla and SpaceX. I actually want to be one of the people to sign up to go to space.

Tesla Model S

Someday in the future we will be able to survive a lot longer by merging with robotics and eventually we’ll become cyborgs. Technically we’ll be able to live for as long as we want, until the proverbial bus runs us over.

Who would you take on an ultimate road trip?

Bear Grylls – because I’m an adventure seeker and if he was like in my car he’d be up for cliff jumping and parachuting into caves and stuff so he’s up there. My dad – because he was always a lot of fun, he did the Gumball back in the day so he’s a veteran of the road.

Bear Grylls

Travis Pastrana -Google him if you don’t know him, he’s fucking crazy. If you meet him and get invited to his house he’ll make you ride a bike and do a back flip into a foam pit, from what I understand.