Q&A: Jermain Defoe

The footy ace talks FIFA 11, Spurs, the Champions League and Fabio Capello!

Hi Jermain! Do you play FIFA with the lads at Spurs?

Yeah, we used to play a lot but a few of the lads are getting a bit old now! A lot of us play when we’re on England duty so there’s a lot of competition.

When you play FIFA for the first time do you check to see how good they’ve made you?

Ha-ha! There’s always banter about that, we’ll give someone stick in the dressing room if they are really quick on the game or something that they’re not! Or if they’re better on the game than in real life we’ll hammer them for it!

Are you happy with the stats you’ve been given?

Yeah, they always make me pretty sharp and quick so I’ve got no complaints.

Who’s the best at it?

Shaun Wright-Philips is very good. Glen Johnson is meant to be pretty good as well but I’ve not seen him play. SWP loves it though, he’s into all his gadgets and stuff!

Gareth Bale
Celebrating with Gareth Bale

How far are you expecting to go in the Champions League this season?

I think we can go far. It’s mad listening to the radio hearing ex-pros saying they think we can go all the way, so it’s exciting to be at spurs at the moment. When you get to the knockout stages it’s anyone’s tournament so we’re glad to be in that stage now. If you look at the teams in the Champions League there aren’t many that have scored more than we have so far, so it’s looking good!

Personally, who do you want to face in the Champions League?

I always want to test myself against the best defenders in the world so I’d like to play Barcelona or Real Madrid. If you’re going to win a major tournament you will come up against the big teams at some point so I’m sure we’ll get a big team at soon enough!

Speaking of big teams, do you think there will be offers for Gareth Bale in January?

Possibly, but that’s football. If you look at other squads I don’t think many are stronger than ours at the moment especially in the Premiership. I can’t see him leaving because we have so many great players and because of the way we’re playing at the moment.

Bale’s been whipping loads of crosses in this season that can only be good for you as a striker…

Yeah I can’t wait to get back on the end of them after being injured for so long. I’m feeling good now though so I can’t wait to start scoring again.

Who do you think will win the league this season?

The league is so open this season so a few teams could win it! Spurs are playing really well though and all we’ve got to do is keep picking up points. People are looking at us now thinking we can win the big games which is great!

What was the dressing room like after the win away at Arsenal?

It was brilliant! We were all on a high because it had been a long time coming to be honest. Coming back from being two goals down made it feel even better than if we’d have just won it one-nil as well!

Scoring at the World Cup
Scoring at the World Cup

What did Harry Redknapp say to you at half time?

He told me I was coming on and told everyone that we know how much the game means to the fans. At the beginning of the season the Arsenal games are the ones we look for so he just told us to go out there and make sure we win it.

Is Van der Vaart the signing of the season?

Definitely one of them, he’s been brilliant! He’s made a massive impact and he’s been scoring important goals for us. His style of play is very clever and technically his game is very good so he’s been a huge signing for us.

What are your thoughts on the World Cup?

It was frustrating especially against Germany with the way we conceded the goals. If we’d have started a bit quicker in the World Cup we would probably done better but it’s in the past now, we’re just looking forward.

Are the players still behind Capello?

Yeah, his C.V is one of the best around. He’s changed the way we do things and bought some younger players in now so we’re looking forward to the Euros now.

Would Harry Redknapp make a good England boss?

It’s unfair for me to say who should be the national coach but it’s up to Harry if he’d like to have a go at the England job or not. The boss we’ve got now is very good and so it’s unfair to talk about his job.

Jermain Defoe

Is there too much media coverage of footballers’ private lives?

If you look at any sport there’s always going to be pressure. Look at boxing, if you want to be the best in the world, there’s going to be a lot of media coverage. It’s the same with any sport. There’s nothing you can do about it. If you’re playing at one of the top clubs in the world there’s going to be a lot of interest in the players so you just accept it.

Thanks Jermain. Speaking of boxing, did you watch Haye vs. Harrison?

Yeah I was looking forward to the fight, especially with what Audley was saying in the run up to the fight but it was very disappointing to watch in the end!