Q&A: James Buckley

How does it feel playing a young Del Boy in Rock and Chips?

It’s alright isn’t it! It’s always fun being someone your not for the day. I think you can over-think about it though.

Were you a fan of Only Fools & Horses when you were younger?

Yeah, I grew up watching it. The TV, in many ways, is another member of the family and so when you see some of those characters everyday, and you grow up watching them, you feel involved in it.

You’ve met David Jason, what did he say to you? Did he give you any tips?

No he didn’t really give me any tips. We were just having a chat and he was telling me stories about when they made the original. It was very interesting seeing David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and John Sullivan all together talking about the show.

james buckley
In Rock and Chips

How is being on the set different from being on The Inbetweeners?

There are more adults I guess! It is good though, it’s different from working with three other guys where we’re all in the same boat and been through the same stuff together. As an actor it’s very important to work with people who can act for a change.

Rock and Chips is a bit more serious presumably?

Yeah I think so. That’s probably fair to say for any other set though. It doesn’t get much sillier than The Inbetweeners!

What stuff did you get up to when filming The Inbetweeners?

Oh it was constant. We were always just mucking about not taking anything seriously. It takes us ages to get anything done. All I want to do all day long is push Joe Thomas (who plays Simon) in the sea to see if I can make him snap. We basically do everything other than the job we’re meant to be doing.

Did any lines ever make it into the show that weren’t scripted?

No I don’t think any did actually!

Does the role of a young Del Boy show there’s more to you than just the Jay character?

I don’t know really. I’m still playing a young lad from East London so it’s not a massive stretch I don’t think, I never think like that anyway. Fair enough, people take their jobs seriously and I’m no different, I always want to be good at what I do, but I think you should just have fun with what you do and enjoy it.

Is it harder to be Del than Jay?

Not at all. All I did was watch the old Only Fools and Horses. Before we filmed the first series I watched a series a day and looked at the way Del Boy talks and walks and then I tried to weave that into what I was doing. It’s not that hard is it? If I can do it anyone can.

James Buckley
The Inbetweeners cast

You’re a Crystal Palace fan. Not doing so well at the moment are they…

No. I’ve not looked at the league table for a few weeks now! I’ve not had a chance to go up there which is a shame. There’s not much to say about palace at the moment is there? I’m not sure about George Burley. The players need a bit of a kick up the arse and a bit of passion and pride and Burley isn’t that type of manager I don’t think. I’m sure they wouldn’t be down the bottom if Neil Warnock was still there.

Have you been watching the X Factor?

No. I’m not one of those people who make a point of not watching it though. I just find it boring, I always have.

What about I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

Yeah I watch that! This is the first year I’ve watched it properly. I think Shaun will win it.

What do you think of Gillian McKeith?

I can’t believe there’s someone in the world that exists like that! If she was putting on an act, she should act as someone nice. She’s coming across as a really spoilt and fussy woman. She’s like a six year old; I can’t believe there’s an adult who acts like her. And for someone who is into nutrition and eating healthy… she looks like she needs a few chocolate bars or something!

Would you ever do that show?

No. I’d be so miserable and bored and I wouldn’t be able to eat anything. I’d probably get on peoples nerves. I don’t think I’d be very interesting to watch.

You’d probably be more interesting than Aggro!

Ha-ha! I think he might win it because you forget he’s in there! If someone asked who you wanted to vote off you’d forget who he was. He might slip under the radar and win it!

Moving on, what’s the strangest thing a fan’s asked you to sign?

Probably a girl’s breast. It was incredibly embarrassing and something I didn’t want to get involved in. I was in Northern Ireland DJing and I think because people see me on the TV they think I’m really interested in that stuff.

You must get people thinking you are Jay a lot of the time…

Yeah, but you can’t moan about that. I don’t really go to clubs much but in the street people shout ‘bus wankers’ or ‘clunge’ at me but it’s all right really.

Do you still find it funny?

Well it’s nice because it shows that people are watching the show so I don’t mind it.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever been sent?

I get a lot of letters but nothing that odd really. Just people asking for an autograph or saying they’re a fan of the shows

Is there any actor you’d really like to work with?

There are loads. Off the top of my head I’m going to say Tom Cruise. I think that would be really interesting. I do like his films and my girlfriend loves them. I tried to buy a signed Top Gun DVD at a charity auction but my girlfriend said it wouldn’t go up anywhere so I didn’t get it. I think it would be interesting to work with him. He’s a bit odd isn’t he!

Is it right you’re not on Twitter any more?

Yeah I didn’t want to bore anyone any more and I never really said anything that interesting. It was just a laugh for me but it gave lazy journalists a chance to write a story about something I’ve said. Also, if you’ve got the slightest opinion on something, even something really stupid like your favourite colour. If you said blue a lot of people would write something disagreeing with it. I just didn’t want to bore anyone any more so I shut it down!