Q&A: Georges St-Pierre

Nuts squares up to the world’s greatest fighter!

Hi GSP! How was it filming the new series of The Ultimate Fighter, what with your next opponent, Josh Koscheck, coaching the other team?

It was great. Of course, Josh is arrogant – he doesn’t care about what he’s saying. He has a big mouth but the whole coaching experience was a lot of fun.

Will you give Britain’s Dan Hardy another world title shot?

It depends on the outcome of his next fight. If he wins, I think he’ll have a chance to redeem himself and get another shot.

Is it true you got bullied at school?

I had a lot of problems growing up. I don’t tend to hold a grudge against those people, though. By bullying me, they helped me reach where I am today. It made me stronger.

What’s the strangest training technique you’ve ever heard of?

I do gymnastics, which is a bit weird! The strangest thing about UFC is when the fans ask me to punch them as hard as I can so they can feel what it’s like getting hit by a UFC fighter! I never do though of course, they’d probably sue me!

In action… St-Pierre v Diaz

How do you prepare for a fight?

I write down my opponent’s strengths and what I can do to counter them with what I have. I did that in my last fight. I don’t think the critics gave Dan Hardy enough credit. People thought I was going to walk through him easily, but he’s a great fighter.

Will you ever fight Anderson Silva?

He’s not on my radar at the moment but I can beat him. I still have things to achieve at 170lbs but one day, I might go up the weight to fight him.

What do you plan to do when you retire?

I might go back to university to study palaeontology I love looking a fossils and stuff like that!

Finally, you recently won an award for “Most Dangerous Man 2010”. Are you the world’s hardest bloke?

Ha-ha! I’m not sure. It’s true that I work hard, but I also work smart. A lot of people work hard but don’t work smart. It’s more important to be smart when you’re training.