Q&A: George Groves

The British champ talks exclusively about his his upcoming fight!

Hi George! How well have your preparations ben going for your British title fight against Kenny Anderson?

Great thanks, I’ve had some quality sparring which isn’t always easy to find, and I’ve looked after my weight for the entire training camp.

Anderson gave you some problems when you last fought. Is that a concern?

Yeah, I’m glad hes a mandatory challenger though because he’s a good opponent and he did ask questions of me last time. But he’s the only fighter I’ve made a mistake against so I want to get back in there and do things properly.

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

I want to defend my British title twice more so it’s mine outright. Then I want to fight some of the top guys in my division, like Andre Ward and Lucian Bute.

How do you relax when you’re not in training?

I’m a big fan of stand up comedy, so I try to go to as many gigs as possible. During camp I watch things like Mock The Week and stuff like that.

George Groves

At the start of the year there were loads of British world champions, now there are hardly any. What’s gone wrong?

You’re right, but apart from Amir Khan, not all the guys were favourites to win their fights. Look at David Haye, for example. We’ve still go guys in the elite so it won’t be long before we have more world champions.

Who do you think are the rising stars of British boxing?

It won’t be long before Kell Brook’s fighting for world titles. Nathan Cleverly can move on now and fight the elite in his division too.

You’re a big football fan. How do you think England will do in the Euros?

Well, Harry Redknapp seems to over-achieve with teams so he’d get the respect of the players if he was appointed. Something needs to be done. The team doesn’t gel, and it hasn’t done for years. One or two big names need to go. Until we get a goal-scorer like Alan Shearer, I don’t think we’ll win anything.

Thanks, George! Finally, do you impose a sex ban when you’re in training?

Yeah! Rocky’s trainer Micky said, “Women weaken knees!” You need loads of energy in boxing, so using it up before a fight isn’t such a good idea!