Q&A: Dynamo

The magic man talks discussing superheroes with Eminem, Twitter and beef with Chris Angel

Can you go anywhere without someone asking you do to a trick?

Not really but that’s kinda my dream come true. I spent years trying to get people to want to watch my magic.

Do you have a trick prepared that you do all the time?

No, I’m always improvising. I like to think I can do magic anywhere at any time so being put on the spot is a good test of my skills.

Are you banned from casinos and stuff?

I’m banned from a few yeah, I got banned ages ago though so I didn’t really get a chance to scam them out of much money! I’ve been at an event in a casino before but they wouldn’t let me gamble.

Have you ever done a trick where it’s gone wrong in front of a live audience?

Well sometimes it might not go to plan but I’m usually able to twist it and make something magical out of it anyway, which is good as the audience are still impressed, as they didn’t know anything was going wrong.

People online are always trying to reveal your secrets. Does that bother you?

I get a lot of tweets about stuff like that. I get people telling me they know how I did it and stuff but I think there’s two sides to it – some just want to reveal how you did it to the world and others are just impressed by it, but either way, if they’re talking about magic that’s the main thing.

Has anyone ever done a trick and impressed you?

Yeah there’s a young kid called Dan Dan the Magic Man and he sent me a YouTube clip of him doing his magic trick which I was genuinely impressed with. He said he was inspired by me but ten times better as well so he’s good.

Performing street magic

What goes on in the magic circle?

I like ya, so I can’t tell ya. Otherwise I’d have to kill you. I don’t want to make you disappear just yet!

Damn! If you could make a celebrity disappear, who would that be?

I like most people but maybe Simon Cowell. I’d like him to go away for a bit so magicians would get a better chance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Did you ever think of going on any of those shows before you made it?

It wasn’t around when I was making my own shows, but I was always trying to find different ways to get out there but luckily I had YouTube and got picked up that way.

Criss Angel
Criss Angel accused Dynamo of stealing his tricks

Do you still have beef with Chriss Angel?

I don’t have beef with anyone, I’ve seen his stuff and he’s really good at what he does. He’s said a few nasty things aimed at me but you know, sticks and stones. He can continue to do what he does and I’ll continue to do what I do.

Have you ever met him?


So he’s not in the Magic Circle then…

I don’t know but he’s a great magician but just not very good with words.

Where in the world do you get the best reaction to your magic?

New York, the people are amazing. When I was there I got caught up in hurricane Sandy and so to survive that and still make the show was amazing. We were filming on the streets just four days after and the people were still up for seeing my tricks and stuff so that was amazing to see in such harsh times.

You seem to be permanently trending on Twitter…

I know it’s magic to me! I don’t know how that happens but it’s mental. My TV show was trending around the world before it was even on somehow. I didn’t grow up with the best family life, I didn’t have many friends, which is why I locked myself in my room practising magic, but my twitter followers are like a family to me. No matter where I am in the world now I can just tweet someone and I’ll get loads of responses. They’ve labelled themselves ‘Dynamites’ so they’re all family now. I’m thankful for the support.

If there’s anyone you haven’t met who you’d like to impress with your magic.

Eminem. I’d like to just sit down and chat to him about comic books and superheroes because he’s a fan of all that stuff like me. I don’t know if I’d want to even do magic for him, I just think he’s a genius so he’d be good to chat with.