Wreck-It Ralph by numbers

All the stats from the colossal crushing cartoon!

4 – On average, each of the recording sessions with the movie’s voice talent lasted four hours. SOAR THROAT!

9 – The movie’s main character, Raplh, is a tough guy with a big heart of gold. He stands a whopping 9 feet tall.

30 – After 30 years of playing the bad guy in the arcade game Fix It Felix Jr, Ralph starts to question his role. VILLAIN!

Wreck-It Ralph

643 – Nobody messes with Ralph. Why? Because he’s a 643-pound building wrecking beefcake!

3 – To fine-tune the sweet world of Sugar Rush, three artists went to the world’s largest candy convention in Germany. They researched sweet treats and chocolate from around the world. TASTY!

80 – On average, each animator on Wreck-It Ralph created 80 frames every week. That’s just more than three seconds of finished film every week!

Wreck-It Ralph

99 – If you’re skilled enough to make it to the top of the 99-stry tower in Hero’s Duty, you’ll get a medal for your valiant efforts!

24 – In animated movies like this one, there are 24 frames in every second of the film. That means 24 separate pictures flick past your eyes every second of the movie!

Wreck-It Ralph

6 – It took the design team more than six months to create the finished look of Ralph. Wonder what he looked like to start with!

180 – Wreck-It Ralph features more than 180 unique characters. That’s more than three times the number of unique characters ever created for a Disney animated film.