A-Z of Minions

All the madness from the Despicable Me movies!

A – Agnes
Kevin almost attacked her after he was transformed into an evil Minion

B – Banana
The little yellow butters love eating these. In fact they’re obsessed with the darn things!

C – Carl
This fun-loving Minion loves causing mischief – especially when he’s got a megaphone in hand!


Those cray Minions are in existence thanks to a mutated strand of DNA. WHAT!?

E – Explosions
A big part of the Minions’ job is to test a whole variety of weapons for Gru. Inevitably, they don’t all go to plan!

F – Fart Gun
Created when Gru asked Dr Nefario for a “Dart” gun, this is loaded with powerful (and smelly) gas, anyone who gets a whiff of it passes out!

G – Gru
The super-villain turned goodie is a father figure to the Minions. He knows them all by name and even kisses them at bedtime!


H – Hilarious
Their banter is so good they’ve had us cracking up for years. The way they always have a punch-up makes them the funniest guys ever!

I – Indecent
The Minions think bums are the funniest things! They ever like to photocopy their bottoms – no-one needs to see that!

J – Jelly
The Minions hate Gru’s foul-tasting jelly but it ends up saving the day! Fired from a Jelly Gun it was mixed with a potion to turn Evil Minions normal!

K – Kevin
Kitted out in his craziest gear, Kev is a real joker. He makes fun of Jerry for a being a coward in Despicable Me 2!

L -Lary
He tastes Gru’s terrible jelly and needless to say he spat it out and went in search of his favourite grub… bananas!

M – Macho
El Macho is he villain who plans to destroy the world by turning Minions into purple, furry, killing machines.

If El Macho had his way
If El Macho had his way

N – Nefario
This evil genius designs Gru’s gadgets and uses Minions as test subjects. They’ve been blown up and all sorts.

O – Orientation day
Fans of the Despicable Me DVD will have seen this short film on YouTube, with over 2.5million views!

P – Purple
Evil Minions are created by PX-41 serum entering their body. They’re nasty dangerous, super-strong and eat anything in their path!

Q – Quarrel
They squabble over bananas loads. Search “Minions Banana” on YouTube and see for yourself.

R – Rush
The chaps conquered mobile devices with the Minions Rush App. Think Temple Run but with these guys!

S – Stuart
He’s one of Gru’s most famous henchmen. Playful Stu is brilliant at video games and loves having a laugh. We salute you pal!


T – Toys
The range of Minion merchandise continues to fly off the shelves, our favourite is Gru’s fart gun!

Minion fans were hooked by the Despicable Me 2 teaser trailer, which saw two of the guys sucked up by a UFO.

V – Vector
Don’t be fooled by the orange suit! This baddie stole the Great Pyramid of Giza before trying to pinch the moon!

W – Wings
The Minions love disguises! Our fave is when they sneaked into a supermarket and one of them dressed up as a karaoke-singing lady!


X – X-Ray Goggles
Gru uses X-Ray Goggles to try and find the lost serum but only ends up finding a secret salsa recipe. Cue the Minions to come to the rescue!

Y – Yellow
When you eat as many bananas as these guys it’s no wonder they’re yellow! At least they’re healthy!

Z – Zapping
With so many blasters there’s a lot of zapping. Even Gru gets zapped by Lucy with a lipstick taser!