36 Angry Birds facts you didn’t know

  1. Angry Birds was created by a team of just four people and cost less than £70,000. Now it’s worth millions.
  2. The App took eight months to finish because it was such a low priority for Rovio.
  3. The choice of Green Pigs for the birds’ enemy was based on the swine-flu epidemic that dominated the news.
  4. Red is the leader of the flock even though he hasn’t got any special powers. His best friend is Chunk (the yellow bird) and Terence (big red bird) is his older brother.
  5. In Angry Birds Space, the Pigs became more responsive to their surroundings, such as acting frightened or sleeping when the birds leave them alone!
  6. The original Angry Birds takes place on an island in the Pacific Ocean.
  7. Angry Birds Space
    Angry Birds Space
  8. Tovia have teamed up with Birdlife International to promote awareness for endangered bird species.
  9. Angry Birds have no feet and can’t fly.
  10. Angry Birds games have now been downloaded more than 500 million times.
  11. The white bird is called Matilda and she acts like the mother of the flock, especially to the young blue birds.
  12. The little orange bird is called Bubbles and has a gigantic appetite. When threatened or angry, he balloons up, taking out any pigs that are in the way!
  13. The Blues, called Jim, Jake and Jay are the cheekiest and naughtiest members of the flock.
  14. A 3D Angry Birds movie will be released in 2016.
  15. The Mighty Eagles is summoned by a can or sardines!
  16. Bubbles’ love for sweets once saw him mistakenly kidnapped by the pigs. He was taken to the King Pig’s Palace with the other birds setting out to rescue him!

    Original characters
    Original characters
  17. People in the world spend more than 200 million hours a day playing the game.
  18. Rovio received a $2 billion offer to buy the company – and they turned it down.
  19. You can find tips, cheats and walk-through videos at angrybirdsnest.com.
  20. The King Pig is the only pig to have two ears on one side, rather than on either side of its head!
  21. WWE Superstar The Miz says Angry Birds is the most popular game in the WWE locker room!
  22. Chuck is close friends with Red. He wants to be the best at everything he does but becomes easily distracted. He also loves practical jokes.
  23. Chuck is strong against wood but weak against ice.
  24. There are 52 episodes of the new TV show ‘Angry Birds Toons’.
  25. Angry Birds Seasons was originally released as Angry Birds Halloween but the name was changed with the Christmas episode, Season’s Greedings.

    Angry Birds Land
    Angry Birds Land
  26. Added up, the amount of time every person in the world has spent playing Angry Birds would be over 200,000 years.
  27. In Angry Birds Star Wars, Stella (pink bird) swaps her bubble blowing powers for a new pull beam!
  28. There’s an Angry Birds Facebook game.
  29. Although Terence protects the flock, he kinda freaks out the other birds because he’s so menacing. And he hasn’t spoken a word since childhood!
  30. The round black bird is called Bomb, because, er, he is a bomb! He has the worst temper of all the birds and sometimes struggles to control his powers. BOOM!
  31. UK Prime Minister David Cameron is a big fan of Angry Birds!
  32. WWE Superstars Sling Shot is a game that owes a lot to Angry Birds.
  33. Angry Birds Rio was released as a tie-in with the 2011 animation, Rio.
  34. An Angry Birds Land has opened at a theme park in Finland.
  35. There are six Angry Bird games – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Bad Piggies, and Angry Birds Star Wars.
  36. On YouTube is a video of an Angry Birds cake that you can actually play with.
  37. The green boomerang bird is called Hal and he’s a bit clumsy. He once knocked Matilda off the catapult as he was so keen to get involved!