31 Skylanders Giants Secrets

Master Eon gives his tips to young Portal Masters to help defeat the evil Kaos for good!

  1. Heroic Challenges are a great way to Level Up if you’re having trouble with the game.

2. Beating the game will unlock a new difficulty mode – NIGHTMARE! It’s only for the hardened experts.

3. There’s treasure in the game room! Open the elemental doors on the back wall in the playroom.

4. In between levels, make sure to check all areas on the Dread Yacht – you might find some treasure!

5. Chill’s blades are great from clearing crowds but when you are up against a lot of tough guys, use the ice walls and call in the narwhal. Easy!

6. All Skylanders have individual quests. Go into the Skylander Info menu and select Quests.

Tough cookie – Swarm

7. Swarm is one tough character. He’s definitely better in the air. Fly when you enter combat and if enemies sneak up behind you, sting them!

8. There’s more to Crusher than just pounding the bad guys. If an enemy is on a ledge, freeze him with a secondary attack button, THEN hammer ’em!

9. Build those turrets early! Sprocket didn’t always get the chance to create them in the heat of battle.

10. Shroomboom is a lobber so he’s great for getting those nasties hanging out on the ledges.



11. Q: Where can I get Skystones?
A: Compete against characters in-game to win more. Play Captain Dreadbeard after Chapter 4 for big winnings.

12. Q: Why did the Chompy Mage come to Wilikin town anyway?
A: By accident. He was on his way to Chompy Con and got lost!

13. Q: Why are hats magical in Skylands?
A: An ancient agreement states that only hats can be collected, traded or sold for magic!

14. Q: How did the Molekin and Oracle forge their relationship?
A: Mokekin can’t see too well, so they believe in The Oracle just through faith!

15. Q: Why does Sprocket’s turrets fire on the Oracle?
A: Sprocket’s turrets fire on anyone she’s not sure about – and The Oracle is one!

16. All Series 2 Skylanders have an extra Wow Pow upgrade, which is devastating. Save up gold to unlock ’em!

17. Every Skystones player has different tactics. Keep playing ’til you’ve learned them all, to win big!

Tree Rex
Tree Rex

18. To collect extra Sky Stones you can also play Skystones with characters you meet multiple times!

19. Once per level, Light Core Skylanders also have a smart bomb effect when placed on the Portal of Power!

20. After you’ve found the Dragon Engine ship part, find Hatterson hiding on the Dread Yacht for more hats!

21. Auric will not only sell you new Sky Stones but also, Skystone cheats!

22. Auric occasionally sells Lock Puzzle keys in his stores that allow you to skip past any Lock Puzzle!

23. The first thing we’d recommend spending gold on are upgrades for your Skystones from Persephone.

24. Trouble beating Drill-X? Skylanders with large area-of-effect attacks can sometimes hit multiple sections of Drill-X’s drill, causing double damage.

25. D-Riveter attacks friends and foes alike. Use this to your advantage when he is part of the mix.

Heroic Challenges

26. Though Arkeyan Cracker’s clones look exactly like him, their movement patterns are much different than his own, which can be used to spot him from a crowd.

27. It’s pretty tough to get behind Blaze Brewer but if you focus your attacks on his tank, the tank will inevitably explode, launching him out of the level.

28. Kaos created the Wilikin, they were his toys when he was a young lad. He didn’t know he was a Portal Master back then and could bring them to life.

29. Cutthroat Carnival is the last place in Skylands where you could get a churro. The pirates told Blobbers that if he worked for them, he could eat all the churros he wanted!

30. The Oracle believes that if he watches enough people make enough choices, he will be able to know what choice they make before they actually make it!

31. Here’s a little tip from beyond Skylands. Keep the adventure going with the amazing Skylands Universe, which you can play on your computer!