20 essential facts about Minecraft

Impress your pals with this sick knowledge!

  1. Incredibly, over 12 million people have bought the PC version of Minecraft!

2. Although it’s different from the game today, Minecraft was first called Cave Game

3. Surprisingly, Skeletons can’t see through sugarcane.

4. There’s a USA Minecraft summer camp to help kids with their maths and computer skills

5. You can change the language in Minecraft to PIRATE SPEAK! Arrrgh!


6. “Revenge” A Minecraft parody song have been seen over 100 million times!

7. For some reason, baby sheep eat more often than the adult sheep!

8. To clear snow – push a boat around on it and the snow disappears.

9. There is a one in 10,000 chance of seeing Mincecraft on the title screen instead of Minecraft.

10. Saddle a pig, dangle a carrot using a fishing rod then you can ride it.

11. Originally there was a height limit in the world of Minecraft which restricted building!

12. Firing an arrow doesn’t degrade the bow as long as it hits a mob!

13. If you kill a pig with fire you get cooked pork, saving you loads of time.

14. A Minecraft Battlestar Galactica is so impressive there’s a step-by-step guide to it online.

15. In the beginning, sponges did actually absorb water in Creative Mode!


16. Silverfish are the smallest animal in the game, followed by bats!

17. Minecraft sold five million copies in four months on Xbox 360!

18. Feeding an angry wolf will make it tilt its head when it attacks you!

19. Torches can support an endless amount of weight!

20. If you dye a sheep THEN sheer it, you’ll have more coloured wool!