The history of the Batmobile

Every superhero has to have an awesome way to get around. Superman can fly, Spider-Man swings from webs, and Batman has his ace motor. Here’s a timeline of the caped crusader’s motor from the 1960s to the modern day.

1966 – Batman the TV series

The original

The Batmobile is born! This cool cruiser had Bat symbols all over it. This car’s coolest feature was an awesome afterburner on the back. Cool!

1989 – Batman

New design

The very first Batman movie saw a longer shape for the Batmobile, which would stay with the iconic vehicle for years to come. Good luck parking it though!

1992 – Batman Returns

The wall climber

The sleek lines of the first movie are back, with some adjustments – this Batmobile was able to drive up walls and it looked super awesome.

1996 – Batman Forever

Cool body

Every time a new actor dons the Bat Suit, a new car isn’t far behind. Check out the cool cut-out bodywork on this Batmobile!

1997 – Batman and Robin

The fiery one

The first movie appearance of Batman’s sidekick, and he ended up taking this slick 1-seater for a joyride. Robin, you idiot!

2005 – Batman Begins

The Tumbler
The Tumbler

The start of the epic Dark Knight trilogy saw a bonkers new Batmobile. Lucius Fox built this thing using army blueprints.

2008 – The Dark Knight


Bats’ ride in this movie was similar to the last one – except that when the car got smashed he was able to escape in a missle-firing motorcycle.

2012 – The Dark Knight Rises

The Camo one

Bars has retired and his cool gear is in storage – until Bane breaks into his lab that is. Old metal face nicks this camo beast and goes to war.