Inside a Formula 1 car

A look inside McLaren’s F1 speed machine, the MP4-28.


The wheels house an engine-mounted electrical motor/generator. So energy is pumped back into the vehicle making the car’s performance even better.


The mega-powerful 2.4-litre, 8-cyclinder engine weighs a puny 95kgs. That’s the minimum allowed weight for an engine in an F1 car.


A survival cell and front-and-side-impact carbon-fibre structures make up this part. The survival cell absorbs energy if the driver crashes.


The outer structure of the motor has what’s officially called a “driver-operated drag reduction system”, commonly known as a spoiler.


The front and back suspension is lighter than before. It helps the tyres grip the track and it can be adjusted depending on the weather conditions.


The new rubber, used on each and every F1 car, wears out quicker than before. Good news for careful drivers and could mean more pit-stops for others

All you need to know about the man driving the MP4-28…

Jenson Button

  • Jenson Button FAILED his first driving test
  • He started his racing career driving go-karts
  • He won the 2009 World Championship while driving for Brawn GP
  • His smooth driving means that getting the best out of his new tyres is a doddle
  • He’s got a tattoo of an actual tattoo on his arm